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Whether you just move into your new apartment or home, performing a thorough cleaning prior to moving out is something you can’t ignore especially if a security deposit is in place. However, it is easier to neglect move out cleaning since you have other things to worry about. At Atlantis cleaning service, we understand that moving in and out is a huge task that requires a lot of responsibilities, as it is a way more stressful and exhausting life experience. With these thoughts, we offer a flexible move in and out cleaning service to aid ease of transition to your new residence. We take pride in our reputation for top-quality service, therefore we always ensure to keep your home sparkling and stunning.

Move Out Cleaning

Now that you just moved out of your apartment while everything looks empty, it is time to make it look stunning just like you first moved in. Your house agreement might be based on “broom-clean” or a complete checklist that covers every part of the house.

Standard move out cleaning checklist:
• Dust (everything)
• Clean kitchen appliances
• Clean out cabinets
• Clean sinks & countertops
• Scrub toilets
• Scrub shower & bathtub
• Wipe down baseboards
• Vacuum and sweep all floors
Let Atlantis cleaning service handle all your moving out items checklist so that can have time for other things. Do not hesitate to contact us today!

Move In Cleaning

A deep move in cleaning services gives every homeowner peace of mind, with the thought that their new living space is in safe hands. At Atlantis cleaning service, our aim is to ensure we handle your move in cleaning service from the top to bottom with the intention that every corner of your room gets the attention need.
Now the next question is the cost of Atlantis move in cleaning service? For the accurate quote, you can call us to discuss the details of your move in cleaning.

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Our continuous mission for perfection has led to constant development every year. We aim to pay attention to our clients, have an understanding of their needs and provide a remarkable level of residential and commercial cleaning services. In case you are not fully satisfied with our delivery, do not fret! Kindly get in touch with us, we will make sure to do everything according to your specific needs

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